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Too often people believe that to build a successful business you must put in 80-hour work weeks, never take vacations, and continually climb the ladder - disregarding the necks you've stepped on while making your ascent. When you finally reach the top, you tend to discover that you're there alone...bearing the weight of a whole lot of emptiness.

We've been there. And we're not going back. Earlier this year we made a change. We made the choice to revamp Onyx, sitting it squarely at the intersection of life and work.

When these two collide, work too often wins. Not anymore! It's time for equality, harmony, and a few "Kumbaya" sessions. We're taking a fresh, new approach while offering our same true-blue services (social media strategy, web development, graphic design, traditional advertising, etc.) and adding a few more to the bunch (coaching, teaching classes and workshops, and many others).

We're addressing a business owner's issues on his or her terms while also ensuring that we continue to deliver high quality work that we're proud of creating.  

We built our new approach around three fundamental questions:
What do small businesses/entrepreneurs need?
How can we best help small businesses/entrepreneurs?
What work do we want to do?

In short, we're a full-service creative agency. Each member of our staff is an expert in his or her field - be it design, web, communications, whatever.

If you're in need of a complete brand overhaul, we can do that. Need a new website? Got ya covered. Need a hefty dose of coaching - that touches on both personal and professional challenges? We can provide that too.

Learn more about our process here. Feel free to take a look around at our past work. And remember:

This new journey we're embarking on together may not be easy.

You might look in the mirror and not like what you see. Been there.

You may have to break your business apart to make it stronger in the end. Been there.

You might feel overwhelmed by imminent changes and the challenge to feel successful in both work and life. Been there.

Hey, we're still standing. And you will be too!

Passion and growth in your business aren't mutually exclusive. The union between business development and doing what you love is attainable.

Prepare to...
Embrace change.
Pursue your passion.
Love what you do and do what you love.

We're evolving, and so are you.

Change is here. Are you ready? Because we are.

Let's get started!


All Our Best,

The Onyx Team